What is MineLend?

Minelend is a Crypto Mining Investment group. Based on years of experience in Crypto Mining, our portfolio of mines span a range of countries and companies.

We have both infrastructure and technology in place in many major mining companies and are in a unique position to offer some of our mining capability to our customers.

We created this opportunity to allow us to quickly expand into new mines and invest in more technology. Our partnership will help both our company and our clients to benefit from the profits that can be made with Crypto Mining

Is MineLend a Legal Entity?

Minelend is registered as a legal company in the UK, our registration number is: 11229865

Our companies house filing can be viewed HERE

What plans does MineLend have for the future?

We have plans to set up our own CryptoCurrency, which will be used as an investment tool as well as a token to buy/sell our services.

Once we announce our ICO, there will be a limited Members Only Presale. Only Active Members will be allowed to participate.

Where are the mining sites?

We have spaces and equipment in numerous Crypto Mines across the globe. Our major centres are in Iceland, China, Georgia and the USA

Why isn’t MineLend on Social Media?

Sadly, many Crypto companies are targeted by scammers and spammers on social media. These dishonest people pretend to represent these companies and rip off innocent people.

The only way you can contact our OFFICIAL Support team is via our contact form, our email address, and live chat on our website.

Can I have more than 1 account?

We only allow one account per customer. We use IP logging to ensure people aren’t taking advantage of our referral program by self-depositing. This is a violation of our terms and anyone found with more than one account, will be put under investigation and their account will be suspended, pending the outcome.


How do I create an account?

Use the Register Link in the menu at the top of the page, and then enter your details. You will need to confirm your email address, so please ensure you enter a valid address. Also add admin@minelend.com to your email whitelist.

What currencies are accepted?

We currently only accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for deposits.

How is my interest calculated?

Your interest is calculated at the percentage your chosen package is configured to. Your interest is credited once every 24 hours.

Where can I buy BitCoin?

This depends on your geographical location, please refer to the link below for clarification:



How Do I Invest?

Once you have deposited, your BTC will be invested automatically. This is locked in for 1 calendar year.

How Much Interest can I earn daily?

The daily interest is calculated by which package you choose. Each package is setup to mine a specific number of currencies. The bigger the package, the more currencies your mining will cover.

With more currencies and technologies used (eg. GPU, ASIC, etc) your profit will be increased.

For a full list of available rates of interest, please see our table of investments here.

Do I get my deposit back at the end of the term?

No, your deposit is returned along as part of your daily interest.

Can I Re-Invest my Interest?

Yes, once you have enough to buy a new package, you can use your interest balance to fund a new package.


When will I get my first interest?

Your first interest will be calculated 24 hours after your investment is confirmed. It will then be applied every 24 hours from then on, until the end of your term.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

Due to Transaction Fees, the minimum withdrawal is $10

Are there limits on how many withdrawals I can make?

Currently you are limited to 8 withdrawals per calendar month. This amount is going to be increased soon.

How long do Withdrawals take to process?

We run an instant payment system so all withdrawals should be processed and received within 24 hours (depending on confirmations from the Bitcoin Blockchain)

Are there any costs involved in Withdrawals?

Currently, due to transaction fees, we charge a 2% fee on withdrawals. We will be reviewing this on an ongoing basis.


Is there a Referral/Affiliate Program?

Yes, once you have opened an account you will be able to retrieve your referral link from your dashboard.

How much do I earn for each Referral?

The current Referral rate is 10% of each deposit that you bring.

Can I refer users without being a paying customer?

Yes, you only have to have an account with us. Your referral links work whether you have invested or not.

Do you have a VIP or Representative Level for Affiliates?

Yes, if your referrals impress us, we will contact you and offer you Representative Status. This is not something that you can apply for.

What is the commission Rate for Representatives?

Currently the rate for Representatives is 15%

Do you have creatives/banners I can use?

Yes, these can be found in your user dashboard.

Are there any rules that Affiliates need to follow?

Yes, please see the terms and conditions for more information on Affiliate rules. Failiure to follow these rules will result in your account being suspended.

Invest In Crypto Mining with MineLend!