Our Company

Our Directors – Desmond & Stephen

Our vision for the business began while our directors (Desmond & Stephen) were working for a large Crypto Mining technology company. Inspired by their previous successes, in early 2017 they decided it was time to start planning their own venture and Minelend was born.

Our experience and relationsips in the Crypto Mining industry allowed us to invest our startup capital in new infrastructure and equipment for existing mines in 5 countries. This setup gives us a stable, fixed return every month.

Taking this model we were able to expand our goals and allow outside investment to grow our mining concerns and ultimately we plan to set up our own dedicated mining concern in Sweden.

By November the basic framework for private investment was in place, and by February 2018 our company was setup and ready to start operating.

Our business is registered in the UK and details can be found at the Companies House website Here

We can Deliver

Stable Income

Our track record in Mining Projects means we will always be able to maximise profits for a stable income for you.

Intelligent Protection

Our site, backend and all mining equipment is protected against attacks, viruses and hacking to ensure your money is safe with us.

Top End Encryption

We use data encryption for maximum security to ensure your personal data and funds are protected at all times.

Our Story

We have a strong foundation in Crypto Currency Mining and our years of experience and industry contacts allow us to offer the best returns as our equipment purchase and server costs are lower than our competition.

  • Protection 100%
  • Repeat Business 96%
  • Customer Happiness 97%


2018 Roadmap & ICO Announcement

We are pleased to announce our plans for 2018 with an ICO coming later in the year along with plans for some major new developments. Here is a glimpse of what Minelend has achieved so far and what our customers can expect for 2018. 2015 - Our founders starts their...


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Affiliates Earn 10%

All our registered users are entitled to earn 10% of all investments that they bring to Minelend using their referral links. With our custom referrals tracker, your website traffic or advertising can be easily monetised by one of the best converting CryptoCurrency...

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