We are pleased to announce our plans for 2018 with an ICO coming later in the year along with plans for some major new developments. Here is a glimpse of what Minelend has achieved so far and what our customers can expect for 2018.

2015 – Our founders starts their first foray into Crypto Mining – We lease our first mining rigs and complete an agreement to install them in an existing mining farm.

2016 – Our footprint increases into more mining farms in various countries and we purchase the most up to date rigs to keep up with difficulty increases.

2017 – The surge in altcoin creation leads us to invest in new mining technologies to remain current and up to date. The idea to allow private investment is set out and Minlend is born.

Q1 2018 – Formation of Limited companies & development of the website and customer interface is completed. We began talking to ICO experts to formulate a plan to create our own Crypto Coin.

Q2 2018 – Minelend Launches to the public and investment begins.

Q3 2018 – Our new Minelend token (MLD) ICO launches with an exclusive Members Only Presale with huge discounts for customer loyalty. This token will fund our first fully company owned and operated Crypto Mining Operation in Sweden.

Q4 2018 – Our ICO will complete with the inclusion on a number of popular exchanges. Once this is complete, we will be signing the lease on our warehouse in Sweden and the purchase and installation of our new mining rigs. This will be in addition to the existing equipment we have placed in non-owned mines around the globe. We plan to also launch our 2.0 interface with improved details about how your investment is spread.

2019 – Our plans for 2019 include a third iteration of our customer interface, and expansion of our Sweden Mining operation.